Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey Dogs!

We've got lots to catch up on and write about...
  • we've got lots of information about the DNA test to share
  • we think dogmom ate some of that bad food
  • we love all our dogblogging buddies who listened to us rant about being mixed breeds and made us feel better...

But first... we have to apologize for missing Perfect Puppy Tosca's Birthday!!!!

See... Tosca was our first ever dogblog pal! Opy from Dogs With Blogs left our first comment... but Tosca was our first repeat reader. And, we were instant friends even with out smelling her butt.

Anyways... we were offline for a few days and we missed her birthday. We can't apologize enough and we're thinking up really creative ways to make it up to her. Only dogmom says we can't do some of the things we thought up... so we're being censured!

Anyways... Tosca... here's a link to a card for you http://www.sloppykisscards.com/v1gznk3c

Wuf Ya!

1 comment:

PerfectTosca said...

I just figured I would be late thanking you ole buddies, then we would be even and no hard feelings. Hahahaha. That's right folks. Me and Oper and Gomey and Hudson were around each other when we didn't even know there were other doggies with blogs. We're family!