Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's Opie's Adoption Anniversary!

Can you believe it? Dogmom and I are having a really hard time believing that Opie came to live with us SIX YEARS ago today! I mean, well, I'm even older and I was here first ... but can you believe that he's been here that long? Basically, that's almost his whole life!

Do you remember the story about how Opie came to live with us? He told it on the second day that Dogs' Aye View was live on the Internet. I mean, we were telling stories a long time before that... but not recording them all. (You can find the story here:

Anyways, six years ago today, the dopey Opie came to live with us. Dogmom says that that Marley and Me book is pretty much a story about her life with Opie. Obedience training was a total bomb with him. The only reason he doesn't jump our fence any more is because we don't have one. He still only sits, stays, comes and lays down when he feels like it.... sometimes as much as five minutes after dogmom tells him to and stands there and stares at him.

And he's definitely the class clown sometimes. He gets those funny looks on his face... and does silly things...
But he plays tag with me... and taught me how to howl a proper tune...
and, well... he just generally makes me happy!

Dogmom says we can keep him!
Wuf Ya!


ToFFee said...

Hello Opie!

Happy Adoption Anniversary!

I'm sure you'll be spending fun fun things today!

Best wishes to your pawrents too.. they must be ecstatic having you.


Amber-Mae said...


Happy Adoption Day to you!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dakota said...

Happy Adoption Anniversary! You guys rock!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Congratulations!! I must remember to celebrate mine next year (it will be four years for me).

They are great piccies and I think you would be a fine pal.

Ruffs Pippa

Johann The Dog said...

Woo, hoo!!! Happy Gotcha Day Opie!!! We read your story from back when. It's a good one, you were so meant to be with Gomer and Trish. You one lucky dog!

Make sure and get loads of treats and stuff, K?


TAPhillips said...

Hey everybody! Opie here... I haven't gotten any extra snacks or pressies yet... hmmm... I better go pout 'bout that!

Dogmom did say that if it doesn't rain, she has a surprise for us tonight after work...



Opie for a famous dog like you Dog Mom must be doing special. Maybe a trip to a Wisconsin Cheese Factory. Dog Speed Opie.

Finn's Dad said...

Happy adoption day Opie! You are aging very well.

Simba said...

Happy Adoption Anniversary!! You look like you're having the best time in your fur-ever home!!

Dory and Liza said...

Happy Anniversary!

Woo hoo!!

Mine is coming up on this Saturday and we are very excited.

Have a great day - love Dory and Mac

Kerrio said...

Happy Gotcha Day Opie

(love the howling pic... bet the neighbours love it too!)

Snogs from the SUMDs

Kerrio & co

The Airechicks said...

Heya Opie:

Happy Happy Adoption Anniversary

Have lots and lots of treats for us!!

Tell Mum to breakout the good stuff...

wally said...

Hi Opie! I'm late but happy belate adoption day! I forgot because I'm a wee bit old but I will be sure to have a snack in your honor! Good job rescuing your peoples!


Peanut said...

Happy adoption day Opie.

Bala said...

Hi Opie, Happy Adoption Day! Hope you had a blast. We are also glad that you were not near the bridge tonight. Sorry about that late wishes..Hope dogmom gotta take a break from her classes and treat you extra special :)
Love from all of us in Wisconsin.

ChaCha & Yuki said...

hey Opie, happy belated adoption day!!


Ferndoggle said...

Yay, yay yay Opie!! My Adoption Day is the 11th. August is a very busy month.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Every-doggie!
- Opie

Ari_1965 said...

Happy anniversary.

Ike said...

Happy anniversary!