Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

So, it's been raining here since Friday. Three days so far and it sure doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon.

But we're still going to Dog Pad today.

Three days inside the house. Watching the dogmom get out the big green monster... and then the bigger monster that gets the carpets all wet. Worst part about that is dogmom telling us we have to stay off until it's dry. Duh... where are we supposed to lay? On the hardwoods? We don't think so.

But we're still going to Dog Pad today.

And then, dogmom put us in the garage while somebody came to visit. Can you imagine the horror? I mean, it sounded like a lot of people... cuz they went in and out and in and out and in and out and in and then out again. We were mad at her for making us stay in the garage. And, know what? When she finally let us back in, all the furniture was messed up in the living room. Our cool leather couch was stuffed in the corner and the loveseat and ottoman were on top of it. How is Opie supposed to sleep with it like that?

But we're still going to Dog Pad today.

Furthermore, somebody brought in a whole bunch of new furniture into the living room. But we weren't even allowed on it to smell it or anything. And, it's covered with sheets. Dogmom said they delivered the wrong stuff so we're not allowed on it. I say that's all the more reason to let us on it!

And, we're going to Dog Pad today.

Wuf Ya!

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Bala Thiagarajan said...

Hi Guys, yeah, though we were wishing for the rain, being stuck indoors in the summer is not fun! Hope we get out to play soon!
Amy & the gang.