Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stormy and Smelly at Our House

Well, there were boomies again last night. Dogmom said we didn't have too many, but it seemed like a lot to us. She said some people had a lot of boomies and hail and rain - more than we did. I think we had enough.

Anyways, that smell is still in our house. We seem to have localized it in dogmom's bathroom. You know, the one where Opie usually hides in the bathtub during the storms? Well, he couldn't hide in there last night cuz the doors were both closed. So he hid under the bed instead.

That meant I had to hide in the laundry room.

Anyways, the smell is still there and dogmom seems to go in there and close the door and start talking to herself now - more than she ever did before. We think she's lost it.

We'll keep you posted. But first, we get to go to Dog Pad today to play!
Wuf Ya!

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