Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Turn!

Yo. Opie here.

I'm kind of getting tired of all this attention that the Gimp is getting just because he's a clutz and can't seem to stay upright when he's racing or running or, well, walking for that matter.

So... today is about me. I wanted to show you just how far I've come in training the dogmom to get me to come when she calls me. The video can be accessed with the button on the top left of our blog... or you can click here:

By the way, don't blame me when you get a stiff neck watching it... the dufus dogmom can't figure out how to rotate the video! See what I have to live with?

Wuf Ya! - Opie


Sophie Brador said...

Aw Opie, I'd stand on my head to watch a video of you.

Peanut said...

haha you sure make your mom wait don't you. Good for you. :)

Michael said...

Mama turned the laptop sideways. She cannot figure out video either. Blue tried to crawl into the computer when he heard your mom calling.

Johann The Dog said...

Opie and Gracie would be a good pair on their 'comes'!!!

BTW I know the secret of the video turn - use Window Movie Maker, it has a function that will turn your vid around. Took us some time to figure it out too!

Woof, Johann

TAPhillips said...

Hey, thanks Johann! I gotta go tell dogmom!

Magnum - that's the funny part here, too... whenever mom plays it, I stare at her and Gomer runs to her - Opie

Peanut - I learned that from you!

Sophie - ditto back atcha!
- Opie

Ari_1965 said...

Very nice. I also turned the laptop sideways--who needs to learn how to rotate the video?