Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where Did Checkers Go?

Dogmom said Checkers went back home last night. I don't get it. I thought she was going to live in our bathroom for longer. I miss her already.

Dogmom said she can tell I miss her, I mean, even though I never met her, 'cuz when she left with dogmom last night, well, I kinda went looking for Checkers. First, I ran upstairs and I looked in the bathroom. I looked in all the corners and smelled her everywhere. But, I couldn't find her.

And, I looked inside the purple carrier and I couldn't find her. And, I looked inside the big wire crate; I couldn't find her.

I told dogmom that the bunny was gone. She said that she already knew that. That Checkers went back home to live with Alex and Reed and their parents again. Something about them being back from vacation and missing Checkers. Well, now what? I miss Checkers, too.

Anyways. Dogmom said that we should show you how happy Checkers is to be home.

Here is Checkers with Alex; Alex loves his bunny very much and missed Checkers while he was on vacation with the rest of the family. (Just between us dogs, I think Alex thought that Opie and I might try to make rabbit stew out of his bunny... isn't that silly???)

And, here is Reed giving Checkers a big kiss on the cheek! We think Alex thought that Reed was going to kiss him instead of Checkers...

Dogmom said she likes this picture the best...
And, she thought that you should see the new puppy that Alex and his family brought us! It's sitting on the fireplace, right next to our family portrait that Mr. Benda took!
Wuf Ya!


Snowball said...

Checkers family sure loves him a lot. He is one lucky little bunny. Yeah.. how would you and Opie ever do anything cruel like turning Checker into a bunny stew? (but he sure looks quite delicious...:P)

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GoSmelltheFlowers said...

Hi, this is such a fun blog! We gave you a mention at Go Smell...

Momo :) said...

Hello and nice to meet you, Gomer and Opie! My name is Momo. I just wanted to come here & say HELLO cos..... Gomer, we share the same BIG day, my barkday and your adoption day!!

I like your blog. I'll come back and read how you're up to!

Momo xoxo

PerfectTosca said...

Checkers was real lucky he wasn't dinner.

Hey guys, guess what? My cat Roni got an injured eye today now too! It looks terrible. I think Snack might be a gremlin. I hope The Woman doesn't feed her after midnight is all I can say. But I won't post about this cause you said you won't read my blog anymore if I do.

Cubby said...

Aw! I'll miss Checkers!