Monday, July 30, 2007

What's with Marley and Me?

Ok. So I don't think we told ya 'bout this. But Tory at Dog Pad lent dogmom the book "Marley and Me" just before we left on vacation to Ohio. You remember, the long drive?

Anyways... so d0gmom has been reading the story to us. A little bit every day. She read some while we were in Ohio, but we were much more interested in climbing on the elm tree and rolling in the grass and watching the horses at Arvonwood.

Anyways... since we got home to Minnesota, she's been reading to us every night. It's not a new thing, though. She usually reads to us at bedtime. Sometimes she reads the newspaper to us. Sometimes she reads all your blogs to us. Sometimes she reads silly magazine stories. Sometimes she reads books.

We don't care what she reads, really. We just sit frog-legged on the floor and look at her. Sometimes she sits on the floor with us. Sometimes she sits up in the chair or on the couch. Sometimes, we sit on the couch and try to sit on the chair with her. (That doesn't work really well, though.)

Anyways, she was reading Marley and Me to us the last couple of weeks. She chuckled and she laughed out loud and she snickered and she said, "Geesh, Opie... YOU do that!" and "GO-mer, that sounds just like you!" And then she'd read some more.

First off, we don't see where Marley was such a bad dog, after all. I mean, really. Maybe misunderstood and a little rambuctious... but not a bad dog by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyways. Last night, we read the last three chapters. And dogmom was bawling like a dufus. And, well, we were kind of sad, too. But that's beside the point. The point is... why on earth would she read us that part about Marley having to go to forever sleep?

I mean. Really. We're not even over Oscar the Airedale leaving us yet. ( I mean, he was just a young pup and we're still sad about losing him. I mean. Well. We didn't even get to know him that long, ya know? He supported us in our 10K. And he always had a funny post to share in our comments. We're surely gonna miss him.

So... at least Marley was an old man when he got to cross the rainbow bridge. Oscar was just a youngster and he should be still blogging away with us. We'll never forget him. Never ever.

Wuf Ya!


Johann The Dog said...

Hi! Firstly, we didn't think Marley was that bad either, we do all sorts of stuff like that too...well Gracie does, anyway, I'm perfect! BOL!

Secondly, we are so shook up over Oscar, we were just gettin' to know him too, very sad that he had to go so young......

Thirdly, WE DID WIN the contest!!!! And we want to really thank you guys for helping us. It was truly a dog team effort and it took an entire village of pups to make it happen. We will soooo keep you posted on Gracie's pressies.

She's a little stressed today, cause we were in a car accident yesterday coming back from the trial. We're OK, but it was SCARRRYYY!!!

Thank you sooo much for helping us with the contest, YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

We are not going to read a SAD book.

Sad blogs are bad enough.

Hope you guys are all well after your travelling around.

muttnutt said...

Congrats on being the Cool Dog Site of the Day, you guys. Very funny blog. Has your dogmom read "Walking in circles before lying down" by Merril Markoe? It's funny.

mutt nutt
"Every mutt deserves a forever home"

TAPhillips said...

We hope you're ok, Johann! Accidents are no fun in the car!

We're glad you won Gracie a present!

We can't talk about Oscar right now... we're very sad.

TAPhillips said...

Katherine & Pippa -

Most of Marley and Me wasn't sad -- dogmom said she thought we should have skipped the last two chapters, though... she knew he was going to cross the rainbow bridge at the end... but she still cried!
Wuf Ya!


We are all upset about Oscar too. He was a wonderful dog and we visited his sites a couple times. It was good to see a post from you. We were wondering about you two, because it was five whole days between blogs. We heard Dad say that da people in Chicago are almost as crazy drivers as the Woof-da-Rooos up North in Miami.

TAPhillips said...

Dawgs... those Chicago drivers ARE crazy! Dogmom says it's cuz the people who live in Chicago usually use the train... so most of the drivers are probably tourists (ahem... like us)...
Wuf Ya!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Guys,
That is so cool your Mom reads books & stuff to you. Would be hard to read the sad part right now though. We really miss Oscar too. Mama is glad she has Koi Oscar though. Now when she feeds him she thinks of Oscar running & playing up above watching down on all of us doggies. Hope you guys are staying cool, we're way too hot here.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

TAPhillips said...

Hi Butchy and Snickers!

We think it might be hot outside... but we're sitting here in the air conditioning while dogmom is at work... we'll let you know if she ever comes home and takes us outside for a walk!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hi guys,

Happy Adoption Day Opie - I am glad you found such a wonderful furever home.

My mum bawled to in Marley and Me :(

the other Opy

Maggie said...

We read that book too! I was a wonderful book!
Happy adoption day Opie! Hope you get lots of treats and pressies!

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Opie.
I wanted to come and tell you Happy Adoption Dapy!
Have a nice day

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Thnak you for your kind words about Oscar. we updated his site today with a happier post and some of our favourite photos.

Katy & Martin x