Monday, July 16, 2007

Road Trip!

Ok... so as near as we can figure, we drove from Minnesota... through Wisconsin (that had the funny big-nosed man and the horses) into Illinois... where we had to wait for like forEVER in traffic. Dogmom kept saying, "Chi-caaaaaa-go... we're in Chi-caaaaaah-go!"

Really, we just wished she would shut up so we could go back to sleep, since we obviously weren't getting to see anything but the same four cars around us...

Then, when we started moving really fast again... she said, "Hey, boyz... I've got a big surprise for you!" And she made a phone call. And then we kept driving. We didn't get it at first... I mean... really. We've been in the car now for what? 9 hours or something... what was the big surprise... we were obviously still in the car.

Then... we figured it out... there was a DOG PARK! We could see it. And she went inside and talked to somebody before we got to play. Turns out, it's a members-only dog park in Valparaiso, IN, called the Canine Country Club. We had been there once before a couple of years ago when we drove with her to Ohio. Anyways... she got a membership so that we could run and play for a while.

It was so much fun! There were two Boxers there... but they weren't Cubby or Raina or any of our dog-blog boxer buddies, we don't think. The boy boxer was named Gus and we don't remember the girl boxer's name... although we ran and played with her more than with Gus.

Doesn't this look like a great place?

But then... we rode in the car some more... Opie's kind of tired of the car now...

Wuf Ya!


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, that looks like a very nice dog park. Nice of dogmom to join up so you could have a play!

Oscar x

Kerrio said...

That's a very ong way to go for a road trip - is your mum MAD?

Looks like fun though!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kerrio - we thought everybody already knew that our dogmom is MAD!

We wuffed the dog park and we like riding in the car. Wish everybody could have come with us!

Gomer & OPie