Thursday, July 12, 2007

Something's Up - Part Two...

Ok, dawgs. So we didn't get to investigate very long yesterday 'cuz we went to Dog Pad all day and played with all the dogs and with Tory. And we chased balls when Nate came and started tossing them around. And, Opie was really good and didn't try to jump the fence or run away from dogmom when we came back (like he did on Monday). And when we got home we took really long naps 'cuz we were tired.

Anyways... so we didn't have much time to check into what's up at home... but we know there's something. Here's what we found out so far:
  • Dogmom has pulled our portable, collapsible, soft-sided kennels out of the closet and put them in the garage.
  • And, next to the kennels, she put our collapsible donut chairs from Target (that the college students like) and that we like to lay in when we go someplace and don't have our dog beds.
  • And, next to the kennels and the chairs, she put the great big folded piece of fabric that she uses to line the back of the Explorer sometimes.

We thought maybe she's getting ready for a trip, but we haven't seen any suitcases (hers, or ours). And, we haven't seen her packing any food for us or anything like she does when she goes away.

We're at home all day today while she's at work... so we'll see what else we can find out, ok?

Wuf Ya!


Peanut said...

Hmm Highly suspicious I say. Oh and all your mom has to do to save the rockin blooger award is right click on as and pick save picture as. :) or I can email it her if she wants. Let me know

Oscar Airedale said...

Hmm, what is dogmom up to? Hopefully you can sniff out some more clues!

Oscar x

Dory said...

I say it's a road trip!! I love road trips because 70% of the time we go to Grammas!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Johann The Dog said...

Ohhh, big mystery!!! Can't wait to find out, you have us on pins and needles, ouch!