Saturday, July 21, 2007

Return Road Trip!

Dogmom says we're going to go back to Minnesota tomorrow. We're really excited, cuz that means we'll get to spend the whole day with dogmom. Even if it is in the back of the truck... and it means riding in the car for 13 hours again... and it means not eating a lot for breakfast so we don't upchuck in the truck... and it means we might have to see the horses with no bodies and the creepy big-nosed man in Wisconsin again.

Geesh... I don't think I want to do all that again!

Wuf Ya!


Oscar Airedale said...

I like being in the car, but 13 hours is a lonnnnnnnnnng time, good luck!

Oscar x

Anonymous said...

We're just about to leave... we tried not to sleep very much last night ... the humans didn't seem to like that ... so we can sleep in the car!
Gomer & Opie

Peanut said...

let us know when you've made it back safe and sound