Monday, July 30, 2007

We'll Be Back Soon!

So, dogmom is being stingy with the computer and she's hogging it a lot. And then, there was the bit that we were on vacation in Ohio and at doggie day care at Dog Pad...

Where, by the way, we are playing again today.

Anyways... until dogmom gets this whole new "I've gotta go to my online class now..." and "I need to study now..." and "I've gotta go to work at the paper now..." and "I've gotta go talk to Dr. Kate..."

Anyways... we gotta get her outta here so we can blog again!

Uh-Oh... here she comes again...

Wuf Ya!

1 comment:

Bala said...

Hi Gomer ad Opie! Thanks a lot for the sponsor, we saw it last night, but were so sick from sitting in front of the computer for 24 hours, we couldn't reply to you. I didn't even go into work today, for not wanting to spend the day with a laptop! :) You guys are so generous and thanks again for getting dogmom around to it.