Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Road Trip!

So, we've reached our destination! We're in Ohio near where dogmom grew up. Since grand-dogmom had surgery to get a new knee a couple of weeks ago, we can't stay at her house or go visit her yet. So, we're staying at Arvonwood Kennel outside of Bryan, Ohio. (That's me, Gomer, standing in the 2nd kennel!)

Well, it's actually outside of Stryker, Ohio. But we bet that nobody who reads this has heard of Stryker... and maybe of Bryan, for that matter... unless you're related to our dogmom.

Anyway, we stayed here once before. We like Jane and Mike. And the kennel is bright and cool. It has those indoor-outdoor runs... but Jane is smart, cuz she has lids on them. So that dogs like Opie who like to jump can't get over the fence. And, Arvonwood has a small yard to do our business and a great big yard to run and play. And they even have horses... but not the scary horses that only have heads, like we saw at the gas station in Wisconsin!

Dogmom even came to visit us!
We went outside and ran around in the big yard and she let us climb on and investigate the elm tree that had been cut down. We think that is really cool, cuz it's not like a regular kennel where there's nothing interesting to test our minds.

But, sometimes, we just roll around in the grass or run in the yard...

Anyways, we'll be here for the next few days, so we're just veggin'.
Here's a picture of Jane and Mike as dogmom was leaving today...
Wuf Ya!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

You guys are so busy. You make me want to go travelling again but we have to stay home because master is doing his good samaritan routine and helping someone who is stuck.

I will get mistress to write about it on her blog because it is not interesting enough for mine. No dogs involved, therefore not interesting.

Why doesn't dogmom stay with you at that nice kennel place - have you asked her?

Ruffs, Pippa

Peanut said...

What geez you guys are only like 5 hours from us right now. How come you aren't coming to visit?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pippa - we gotta go tell dogmom to read your dogmom's blog!

Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

Anonymous said...

Hey, Peanut! We were in the car for 13 hours... what's five more? Maybe we SHOULD come and visit!
Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie


Opie and Gomer have more faith. Dad knew about Stryker and Bryan, they are close to Defiance! Then of course Dad grew up in North Central, Ohio. Dad wanted to be a paleontologist growing up, so he studied geology and got a fancy degree at University of Toledo many dog moons ago. He went far and wide in search of dead animals made of stone. We just wish he could have brought home a great big dinosaur bone.

Dory and Liza said...

You guys look like you are having fun out there in Ohio!!

I hope your grand-dogmom feels really better soon. My human has had her new knee a whole year now and she said it was worth all the hurt.

Have a happy day - Dory

Johann The Dog said...

Road trip!!!! Hey I think you drove right by my house - did you go through Indianapolis???

Ike said...

Sorry you're in jail guys - but it seems like a nice jail.

TAPhillips said...

Wow! Dogmom had no idea that somebody from North Central would be reading our blog - even if you live in Key West now. (She says Key West would be much better!!)

Hey Johann... we didn't go by Indy... but we're only a couple of hours away...

Dory ... our grand-dogmom seems to be doing really really well.

Hey Ike -- if only all our jails were like this! Man, then we'd have it made.

Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

PerfectTosca said...

Hey you two Original Tosca Buddies, I nominated you for the Rockin' Dog award. See my blog.