Monday, June 04, 2007

Off to Surgery and Dog Pad!

We know, that sounds like a weird combination for a title... but there are two of us... and even though we do most things together, today we're going to different places!

Gomer is going to Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington to have his broken tooth removed. For those who are interested, he broke the lower left fourth premolar off at the gumline. (Opie here... I think he just likes to have matching sides!)

So, he'll be at the hospital playing with the cats and getting lots of hugs while I'm...

Well... I'M GOING TO DOG PAD!!!!
Yup, Tory's gonna come pick me up at mom's work and I'm gonna go play with all the other dogs and with Tory and with Kim today. Dogmom gave me strict instructions not to jump the fence or be snarky with the other dogs since Gomer won't be there. I'll try to listen...

Anyways, we'll post more later, after Gomer's home from surgery and I'm home from daycare so we can tell you more about how our day went.

By the way, we had a fantabulous weekend playing in the yard and going on car rides with dogmom!

Wuf Ya!

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Peanut said...

Oh yes let us know how the surgery goes. Have fun at the dog pad