Monday, June 04, 2007

All Is Well With Toothless and Jumping Bean...

Hi All!

Gomer did very well in surgery and in recovery, as usual. Now comes the fun part, where he's not allowed to play with his toys or chew on his rawhides or eat crunchy kibbles or cookies or treats for two weeks. Yikes!

Anyways, I'm glad he's good about taking his meds (Rimadyl for pain and Antirobe antibiotic... and an added anti-fungal medication for a fungus infection on his tail and front paws.) Oh well.

That, and he said to tell you the dreaded basket muzzle is back. He hates it, but has to wear it whenever I'm not around to keep an eye on him. I got him a slightly smaller one so maybe he won't chew the straps off this one...

Opie did remarkably well at Dog Pad for doggie daycare without Gomer. We were afraid that he might try to jump the fence or otherwise try to "find" Gomer, but the day was uneventful, thankfully. Silly Tory even invited him back again on Wednesday. ( Grins -- that's for you, Tory, cuz I bet you'll read this!)

Anyways, I get to go home and try to convince Gomer that he can't run and play ball, without making Opie think that he's in trouble... ah, the joys of dogmomhood!

Wuf Ya from Gomer & Opie... they'll be back really soon!


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Gomer,
We're glad your surgery went well & that you're back at home with everyone. Too bad you can't eat hard or crunchy stuff for a while. Mama always worries about us breaking teefies cause we eat those darn hickory nut shells, hehehe.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

ari_1965 said...

Two weeks! Yikes, how will you keep him entertained for that long?

Gomer & Opie said...

Thanks, Butchy and Snickers! Better stay away from those hickory nut shells! Cuz getting your toofies out is no fun.

I don't know, Ari, I don't know. I think I'm in trouble, cuz dogmom won't let me run around like a crazy dog or play tug-o-bone with Opie or anything now... not that I really feel like it!

But the extra cuddle time and belly rubs and forehead strokes and hugs and ... well you get the message... are good substitutes for now.
Wuf Ya!

Bala said...

Hi Gomer and Opie, Amy says Gomer is always welcome to come and gang up with her for the mud puddle time and we can tease Opie together! Get better sooon and enjoy the extra affection! Love you all.

Johann The Dog said...

Whew! Glad all went well! Be good now for those two weeks - we don't need complications!

Woof! Take it from experience! BOL!

Dory and Liza said...

So glad to hear all is well!! I know it would be hard for me not have crunchies - as a matter of fact I am eyeing my humans toast right now!

Have a happy day - Dory