Monday, June 04, 2007

Out of Surgery

Hi all!
Gomer finished his surgery around 11 am and I'm here with him in recovery. He's doing great and only had to have the one broken tooth removed.

He's up and walking around and has had his morphine shot, so he's feeling no pain. When he starts to get an appetite and wants to eat, we'll be able to check out and go home.

Wondering if Opie is behaving at Dog Pad without Gomer...

Thanks. Wuf ya!
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Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hey Gomer

Lots of Pippawishes to you and hope you feel ok. And that Opie is behaving well.

Ruffs, Pippa

Ferndoggle said...

Hurry up & get better soon Gomer! Opie must be missing you terribly.