Wednesday, June 20, 2007

GrandDogMom and Paw Prints

Hi Dogs! Thanks for all the good wishes for our granddogmom. Uncle Danny called last night really late after he went to see her at the hospital. He said that her heart stopped a couple of times yesterday but the staff at the hospital is on top of things and taking good care of her.

He said she went up to heaven to see granddogdad and he told her he was busy playing golf and she should come back down for a while longer. [Dogmom says you have to understand the weird humor of her family...]

Anyways, dogmom is stressed out about all the sicko's in the family (I think she means us, too) and the fact that she lives so far away from Ohio right now.

So, we decided to share something completely different...

See the perfect pawprint that Opie made on the patio today?

Wuf Ya!


Dory and Liza said...

Hi guys -

We hope your GrandDogMom feels better real soon. My human had her knee replaced because it got all smashed up in an accident a couple of years ago. She is fine now and I smell her knee scar each day just to make sure she is doing fine.

We also were impressed by the paw print - mom says I move to fast and wiggle too much to leave such tidy prints behind!

Have a happy day and we are sending warm get well wishes for every body (canine and human)!!!!


Johann The Dog said...

Oh scary!!!! Hope everything goes well from now on, yikes!

Doggie licks for that knee and you two guys, I'm tellin' ya.

Love the paw print - Mum wants to get our casted someday.....

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Still sending massive good doggy and person vibes to grand dog mom.

Doesn't matter that we haven't seen her. Or don't know her.

Lots of ruffs,

Pippa & Kate & Adrian

And thanks for your comments on my blog in the midst of this. Made me laugh. Kate

Augel said...

aws... Hope your GrandDogMom gets well soon.

Btw, I was wondering where you got the Pet Finder in your footer. I also want to put one in my blog. :)


TAPhillips said...

Hi Augel! Heres the link to the PetFinder Code page:
They also have a featured adoptable pet feature that you could use. You'll find that here:

Good luck! and thanks for visiting us! Come back soon!
Gomer & Opie at DogsAyeView

Peanut said...

Oh geez well at least your grandpa doesn't want your grandma right now so you guys get to keep her for awhile longer. That pawprint is cool.