Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Big Green Monster

I hate it when mom gets the big green monster out of the closet. Opie tries to act brave, like it doesn't bother him, but I know it really does. How could it not?

It's noisy and makes the floor feel funny. It keeps moving back and forth across the floor and mom keeps trying to catch it, I think, cuz she holds onto the handle. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, making loud noises the whole time. I hate it.

I hate it, too, because she brings it out just when we get the floor nice and soft and fuzzy furry the way we like it. Then we have to start all over again. Geez.

Do you have one of these things at your house? How can we get rid of it? Barking at it doesn't help... I think it's deaf from all the noise it makes. Can you help?

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