Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Know My DogMom Loves Me Cuz...

K everybody. It's your turn to comment. Opie 'n I'll fill in the blank, but we want to know what your pet is thinking too. How do you know that they know that you love 'em?

We know our DogMom love us cuz...
  • She lets us sleep on the bed if we want.
  • There is always dog food in the house, but not always people food.
  • She has Randi come and take us for a walk when she's at work.
  • She takes us to Dog Pad(!) when she's gone for a long time.
  • She makes us take our medicine and then gives us a treat afterward.
  • She walks us EVERY day.
  • She tells us so.

What would your pet(s) say? Please tell us by posting a comment!

Wuf ya!


Anonymous said...

I get lots of belly rubs! - Sam

Mark said...

I know my DogDad loves me cuz ... time after breakfast is reserved for a belly scratch -- he scratches mine; I don't scratch his. - Hercules

Anne said...

I know the lady I live with loves me cuz... every time she goes away she bribes me with toys and treats to let her back in! -- Sasha

Anonymous said...

My dad stayed home from a family trip to Hawaii (when it was still chilly out too) mainly because they couldn't find anyone they trusted enough to stay with me.