Friday, August 25, 2006

New Beds!

Mom brought in a big box when she came home from whereever it is she goes during the day. She acted excited and said "Your new beds are here!" So, Opie and I ran around in circles and were excited, too.

She took the box upstairs and opened it and pulled out two great big pillows. I think they're red, but Opie says they're purple. Anyway, she put one in the corner and told Opie to look and come lay on his new bed. He just stood there like a dope and stared at her. So I started to lay on it.

But she said "Uh-uh" and picked up the other one and put it in the other corner. She laughed and laughed when I tried to lay on it. Cuz I kept falling off of it. Every time I rolled over, the pillow popped up and I fell off. Then I'd lay on it and try to roll over and the pillow popped up and I fell off. I just couldn't seem to stay on it.

Meanwhile, Opie decided to pick his up in his teeth and carry it. Mom was laughing really hard. I don't know why... Opie was having real problems carrying his bed. I don't think she should have laughed at him. He kept trying to carry it and kept tripping over it; it's as big as he is! Then, he tried to jump with it. Mom was laughing really hard now. I just kept looking at her.

Finally, Opie jumped up on mom's bed with his new bed in his mouth and dragged the rest of it up. When he got it all up there, he laid down on it. (I wonder why he didn't roll off; maybe because it was up high on her bed?) Anyway, mom said we were goofy and dopey and laughed when she walked out of the room.

Wuf ya!

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