Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Great Fun at Dog Pad!

Whew! We're tired!

Mom came today and picked us up at Tory's house (Alias Dog Pad Bed'n'Biscuit)! Tory said we were such good boys this time! Opie only jumped the counter once! Tory's on to him and told him "No!" and he listened this time. (Which is always a surprise when that happens.)

Anyway, we're exhausted! Cuz Tory and Mike got out the pool and we went swimming and played ball fetch in the pool. It was totally cool. I mean literally, too. Even Opie got his feet wet and chased after tennis balls. Wow, it was fun!

Next time, we'll ask Tory to take some pictures of us playing so we can put them up here. But here is a picture we stole from her web site... Our favorite person other than mom, Tory, is here with Fidget. Look at Tory's web site at www.dogpaddogs.com to see more pictures of how much fun we have!

If you'd like to learn more about Dog Pad, check out the web site at www.dogpaddogs.com, or call Tory at 612-747-0454. Maybe Opie and I will see you out there!

I'll write more later... all that playing and a bath today makes me want to take a nap now!
Wuf ya!

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