Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mom's Aye View Today

Mom is really really sad today. She got some news about a good friend in Ireland. Gary is one of those very few people that she seemed to have an instant, deep connection to. She met him when she and Siti Louise went on an Evelyn's Excursion tour in Ireland a few years ago.

Gary is just an all-around terrific guy. A big heart. Loves family, travel and meeting people. If you met him, you would love him. He's 48 years old and has a teenage son. His wife was killed by a car bomb in Jerusalem in the early 90's, when Padraig was barely walking. Gary has raised a fine young man.

Gary was just recently informed, after several months in and out of the hospital and a multitute of tests, that they have found an 8 cm malignant tumor on his only lung. (He had one lung removed when he was very young.) The specialists are determining and debating options; but the tumor is too large for radiation and Gary refuses to have it removed because he only has the one lung.

Gary meets with the doctors this week. Please pray for him, even if you don't believe in that sort of thing.

Gomer will be back with happier, sillier, topics soon.

Wuf ya!

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