Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's All in a Name

Betcha think Opie and me got our names because mom liked the Andy Griffith Show growing up. Well, she did grow up in a town just like Mayberry, RFD. And, the sherriff's name really was Andy in Blakeslee at the time... although it was Andy Muehlfeld, not Taylor. And the deputy kinda looked and acted like Barney Fife. And I think Siti (mom's mom) was really Aunt Bea, although everybody called her Aunt Louise for some reason. And there was a little service station (Bob's Service), and a corner diner (Sam's Place), and a barber shop (Joe's)... and they all stared when strangers came to town and all that.

But, really, our names started off as puns. See, when I was really little and first came to live with our DogMom, I was a scared little puppy. Everything was scary... trash cans and lights that went on and off and shoes, especially. And, I wasn't the healthiest specimen of a dog, like I am now.

So mom called me "Go More" cuz I always had to go more than what I initially went when I went out. I'd go out, do my business and come back in. But a few seconds later, I had to go out again and finish. "Go More" became Gomer. Simple enough, right?

So, I'm sure you're smart enough now to figure out where the name "Opie" comes from. Opie's kind of absent minded and easily distracted. So, he'd go outside to do his business and just stand there like a dope (thus, Dopey Opie was born). And, finally, after an extended period of time, the light bulb would go on and he'd remember why he went outside... "Oh, ... pee!" It always took so long, that his name stuck, too.

Wuf ya!

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