Friday, August 11, 2006

Opie Lost His License

I told ya Opie was a dope. Now he's lost his license.

He was walking with uncle Matt. Maybe uncle Matt attached his leash on the wrong ring, so when Opie started tugging, the ring stretched open and all the tags flew off; that's what uncle Matt said.

We wear a lot of tags.
  • There's the blue one with our name and phone number, in case we get lost and somebody wants to call our mom to come get us. (Trust me, the way we behave most of the time, it doesn't take them long to call her.)
  • There's the red one that mom gets from the city of Chaska that helps the police man find her when Opie gets loose. (Might explain why Opie came so fast when the police woman came after his three-hour tour.)
  • There's the red plastic one from Friends For Life Animal Sanctuary in Arizona, where mom found us and we convinced her to take us home. (If anything happens to mom, F4L will take us back and find us a new home.)
  • There's the yellow one with the number for Home Again microchips. (So that anyone, nationwide, can connect us back with mom.)

Which is kind of silly when you think about it, because both Opie and I have microchips. So, if anybody finds us all they have to do is take us to a shelter or vet and have them scan us with a funny machine that doesn't hurt and it gives them our number.

I think mom just makes us wear all these tags so that she can hear us when we're running around the yard. Or, so she can hear Opie when he escapes.

Wuf ya!

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