Friday, September 07, 2007

Hey Dogs!

Today, we get to go to Dog Pad again. We wuf Tory at Dog Pad. I can hardly wait to get out of the truck when I see the big Dog Pad puppy-wagon come to pick us up for doggie day care.

We'll probably be too exhausted to post tonight... 'cuz we run and play and chase balls and dig holes and run and play some more all day long. Tory told dogmom that the pools are still out... but it rained last night so we're hoping to just lay in the big mud puddles if we can find one.

Dogmom said to not forget to tell you that Opie did really well during the boomies and lightflashes last night. He hardly shook or got scared at all this time. He did run over and lay down on dogmom one time, but I think it was by accident. He didn't see her watching Craig Ferguson on the TV while she was laying on the couch.

Tomorrow is our big day at the park for Top Dog Foundation's Minnesota Iron Dog Triathlon. Dogmom says to say a prayer that we will be nice to the other dogs and people so that we can stay and have fun. We think that's silly. 'Course we'll be good - Jody and Randi and everybody from Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters are going to be there!

Wuf Ya!

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Peanut said...

Oh good luck and have fun today