Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She's Baaaaaacccccckkkkkk!

So, just when we thought that life couldn't get any better... guess what?

It did!

Yeah, we complain sometimes that dogmom hogs the computer and she smells like other pets when she comes home... But, for the most part, we got it pretty good here. Sure beats the dumpster... and Opie says it beats being left in the park, too.

Anypaws. Guess what!

Randi came back today! Yup. We were really surprised. She came in and let us out in the back yard to go potty. Can you believe it?

Dogmom said she can't walk us any more because we tug too hard and we hurt Randi's back. But, she can come and hook us to our tie-out cables and let us go potty and pet us and give us treats and stuff like that.

We'll take it.
Wuf Ya!



Wahoo, sounds like you are having fun. We get away with a lot of pulling too.

PerfectTosca said...

Hi original dog blog buddies. I'm baaaaaaaaack! I had to pry the woman out of her funk but I pulled it off. Of course, I nearly removed my foot but it was worth it.

TAPhillips said...

Yay! Tosca! We missted you our oldest-youngest and bestest perfect dog-blog-buddy!

Wuf Ya and Welcome Back!