Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Dogs' Aye View

So, last week we asked people and doggies to send us questions. And, we'd answer them from the Dogs' Aye View. You can post the question as a comment on our blog, or you can email it to us.

Here's the first installment of questions we received:

The Key West Collies (www.keywestcollies.blogspot.com) want to know ... Are your five favorite foods the same as ours?
Well, KWC, our five favorite foods ARE pretty much the same as yours!
We wuf cheese... pretty much any kind will do.
And we wuf peanut butter... in fact, I almost ate a whole jar that I found on the counter when I was a puppy. Opie ate a whole jar of Nutella last year that Sasha's mom bought for dogmom.
We never get ice cream, but we think we would like it if you all like it!
And we wuf bacon 'specially!
And, we absotively, pawsolutely wuf dog treats!
-Dogs' Aye View

And, KWC (www.keywestcollies.blogspot.com) want to know this too: Will they ever event bacon-cheese flavored ice cream?
Dogmom said she found bacon-flavored ice cream ...

And, Turkey Hill mentioned in their blog that they should consider a bacon and cheese flavored ice cream... but it doesn't look like they did it. http://icecreamjournal.turkeyhill.com/index.php/2007/08/15/philadelphians-love-ernie/ Guess it wasn't appealing to the humans.
-Dogs' Aye View

And, darling Dakota (http://itsasibeslife.blogspot.com/) sent this question:

Dear Dogs' Aye View,
I have every reason to think that there's a new dog coming to live with me and Bandit. I'm all about the twos company, three's a crowd theory. What do you think? If there was a new dog joining you, how would you feel?

Well, Dakota, that's a tough one. Before Opie came to live with us, I was like you... two's company and three's a crowd. Cuz, Dogmom and I were really happy, just the two of us. And then, when I met Opie, I thought that maybe it would be kinda nice to have a friend besides Dogmom. And, now, I can't even remember my life without him.

I know you're talking about another dog coming to live with you. Um. Maybe you should look at it this way... do you ever get tired of playing with Bandit and wish there was something else fun to do? I feel that way about Opie sometimes... even though I wuf him like a littermate. Sometimes, I think it would be really nice to have another furry-four-legged being at our house. In fact, I'm kinda jealous.

Yo- Opie here. Send your new dog up to our house and take the Gomester... would ya? Wanna trade?

In any case, good luck! Hope you wuf your new kennel-mate in the speed of a dog's day!
-Dogs' Aye View

And, darling Angel - the Yorkie from Prior Lake, MN - wants to know ... Why do some dogs write blogs?

Well, Angel, I suppose there are lots of reasons. Some of us are just looking for a creative outlook in between meals, naps and potty breaks. Others are driven to write and tell stories and record events, much like journalists and newspaper editors. It's in our blood. We're always sniffing out a good story and barking it out to everybody.

Maybe a better question is why don't your humans let you write a blog? We bet you have all kinds of great stories to tell! ... 'specially about your dogdad's job at the newspaper...
-Dogs' Aye View

Don't forget to send your question - or your human's question - to dogmom for future installments of Advice from the Dogs' Aye View.

Also, dogmom was wondering if you would send her your bestest or favorite winter pet-care tip? She's going to write an article for the Southwest Metro Animal Rescue's newsletter, PawPrints, and wants to make sure she doesn't miss anything.

Thanks, dawgs!

Wuf Ya!


Sophie Brador said...

Thanks for inviting me to hang with you guys. I would love to abandon this sick house, but can't figure out the bus schedule to Minnesota. Do you think Dog Pad would come to Montreal for a pick up?

Momo :) said...

Your dogmom found bacon-flavored ice cream?? (For some reasons I can't open the link now.) That's super!!! I have a good excuses to ask my mom to give me more ice cream!! yay! :)

Momo xoxo

TAPhillips said...

Hey, Sophie! - We'll ask Tory. Montral isn't far from Minnesota, is it? I mean, well, they both begin with "M"...

TAPhillips said...

Hey Momo - dogmom fixed the link!
Wuf Ya - Opie

Dory and Liza said...

Hey guys - love the "ask us" concept is so cool!

Hope all is well, have a great day! Dory