Friday, September 28, 2007

Dogs Aye View - Answers...

So, we got some more questions sent to us this past week and here are the right answers from the Dogs' Aye View!

Rufus (and his mom) in Plymouth, MN, want to know... You dogs seem to have so much fun, with activities like the triathlon. Where can a pup and his mom find out about fun things like that to do in MN?

Well, Rufus, it's not easy in MN, that's for sure. There are so many rescue places that do their own thing for fundraisers, that you kinda have to look at all of their web sites to get the information from them. Some of them let you get on their mailing list and that helps. Dogmom sometimes just does a Google search for "dog events, MN" and sees what comes up.

We're gonna find a way to list them on our blog... but we'll need some help! When you hear of or read of an event - 'specially one that benefits a rescue group - would you send us an email at so we can post it? Maybe dogmom can do an online submission form when she has some time in between her two jobs and classes. We'll ask her, ok?

"Hello, I'm Buddha. Although I hold the official titles of Best Dog in Woodbury and The Best Dog in the Whole World, this hasn't made me too full of myself to ask a question now and then. My question is: Why is it I like to curl up with my owner Katharine on her bed and Dennis the doggy daycare guy on his couch, but I don't like it when a visitor dog or a foster dog curls up with me? Don't get me wrong; I like these dogs. I play with them, I let them drink out of my water dish, I share my toys as a gentleman should, and I generally enjoy their company. But when one of these dogs settles himself/herself on my bed with me, I move to the rug. If they move to the rug, I move back to the bed. Why do I do that?"

Well, Buddha (, that could be a really easy question or a really hard one. Maybe you have emotional attachments issues... I mean, you know the foster dog isn't actually going to STAY living with you, right? So, it's better not to get too attached. I, Gomer, am a lot like that. I'll share my water dish. I might let them eat before I do... not always, but sometimes. I play with them and let them play with all but my favorite toy. But, dawgs, three things are off limits: my cuddle time with dogmom, my lamb-filled rawhide chew bone (even Opie can't share that!), and my spot on dogmom's bed. A dog's gotta have some stuff of their own.

Or, maybe they just stink. You know, some dogs noses are better at sniffing out weird smells than others. Maybe these dogs smell really funky to you... and not to other dogs.

Or, maybe you're not the same-species-cuddle-bug-type. Opie and I aren't! We'll lay down with the cats at the vet office. We'll definitely sleep with the dogmom. Heck, I'd even consider sleeping with a rabbit or a ferret... but with Opie? Are you joking?

Yo - Dogmom here. If you have a few moments to spare, log on over to Buddha's mom's blog and read a few bars and leave her a comment. It's not a "dog blog" in the purest sense, so she was rejected by Dogs With Blogs as a member... BUT... she has a great heart and loves animals and seems to need a bit of a boost in spirit right now. Let's show her that dog-bloggers are real people, too, and that even though we say "It's all about the dogs," we know it's all about the way dogs treat each other instead of how humans sometimes do...

The Key West Collies ( want to know... What is snow like? And, does yellow snow really make you blind?

Snow is like crushed up ice cubes. You know, like when you chew on an ice cube and it's all chewed up in your mouth in little pieces, but it's not melted yet? Yeah, like that. Opie thinks it's like ice cream... but it doesn't taste the same. We don't think yellow snow makes you blind... we think the white stuff does a better job of that than the yellow kind - 'specially when the sun is shining. (Which isn't very often when the snow is out.)

Thanks for your questions this time - Rufus, Buddha and our parrot-head collie buds...

If you have questions, please send them to us at! We'll answer some more next Friday!

Wuf Ya!


Bala Thiagarajan said...

Hi Dogmom, Nice job on the Q and A's. We will have to come up with a list to ask you all. How are things going with school and the jobs?

TAPhillips said...

Hi Bala! School and the jobs are going gangbusters! I got an "A" in Medical Terminology - my class last quarter. Taking Biology this next quarter. Jobs are good; I enjoy both immensely.

(I've misplaced your email address... so hope you come back to read this comment!)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and adorable dogs.