Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Did Gomey Break His Twoofs?

The inquiring Key West Collies and their dogdad want to know how the Gomer broke his two toothies. Dogmom said sarcastically that if she knew that, we wouldn't keep breaking them. That, and she thinks he does it on purpose so that he can go see Dr. Kate.

Anypaws, what we think is that since he was in the dumpster as a puppy and he was starving to death when dogmom found him that he probably didn't get the right 'trition to make his toothies grow nice and strong. He was very very little (about 3 months old) in the dumpster. Dogmom adopted him when he was 5 months old and he had already lost all his puppy teeth but didn't have all his big-boy teeth grown in yet.

Anypaws, he has lots of fractures in his enamel and so that makes it easier to break them. We don't think he eats rocks. He sometimes likes to play tug-toy with dogmom and with Opie. And he doesn't really like to chew on retriever rolls.

Anypaws, he just has soft teefers and keeps breaking them. Dogmom's tempted to just pull them all out at the doggie dentist (Dr. Kate at Pet Crossing!) and give him mush for the rest of his life.

Opie thinks that would be ok...

Wuf Ya!


PerfectTosca said...

Gomer is gonna be a regular snagglepuss if he doesn't cut out the tooth breaking! I mean what's he doing, cracking walnuts?

Kerrio said...

It might just be me... but I'd like to suggest that the rock chewing could be a *slight* mistake.


Oh well! LOL!

Ari_1965 said...

I still think it's inconsiderate of certain dogs to keep running up dental bills that DogMom has to pay out of her Wine, Chocolate Eclairs and Netflix Fund.

Peanut said...

A dog with no teeth is always a good thing.

Shelby the cat

Murphy Dogg said...

Hi Gomer,

Don't worry about breaking your teeth. Your Mama will still love you. All of my front teeth are gone. It happened before Mama adopted me, so I'm not sure what did it, but we thinks I might have been treated not-so-nice by my first family. Anyhoo, I eat normal and can still play a mean game of tug!

Murphy dogg