Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We're still waiting with the dogmom to hear what the doctors have to say about her arm not working.

We tried to call the doctor, but our paws couldn't dial on the cell phone.

When she was sleeping, Gomer tried to bury the dogmom in all our toys and balls to make her feel better.

Opie's been sitting still (can you imagine it???) and laying his head on dogmom's lap and staring at her to make her laugh out loud.

We didn't jump on the counter or steal food from the kitchen or tear the blankets off the bed - not once - this past weekend.

What else should we try, dogs?

Wuf Y!


Peanut said...

it takes forever for humans to figure out what is wrong with them. I remember it did with my dad. It sounds like you guys are doing all you can

Snowball said...

Dogmom must be very greatful to have the 2 of you trying to make her feel better.

I hope she gets well soon!



All you can do is love them silly hooomans. Try licking her face, it makes my Dad smile. Our let out a loud belch like a collie dog would.

Kerrio said...

Don't tell me you two pulled her in oppoite directions again? She is NOT a christmas cracker.... no kidding!

Snogs from the dog

Kerrio & co