Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Despite the Creeps!

Sorry we haven't posted for a little while, dog-blogging buddies. Dogmom's been kind of hogging the computer and the phone the past couple of days.

She was supposed to go to Ohio to visit all our cousins and her nieces and nephews and brothers and sisters and Siti (the dogmom's mom). And we were supposed to spend a few days with Tory at Dog Pad. But our plans got changed.

Dogmom dropped us off at Dog Pad on Sunday night about 4:30 p.m. Then, she told us she was going to stop by the newspaper office and print out her boarding pass and we were going to stay at Dog Pad till Wednesday morning.

But then, on Monday morning, she came and picked us up. She seemed kind of stressed out, but overall in a pretty good mood. She really seemed to miss us a lot. We jumped in the truck and it was different. I mean, our futon mattress was still in the back. And it looked basically the same. But Opie noticed first that when he tried to lick the window it was different. Not a window at all, really. But plastic. Yuck!

Anypaws, dogmom told us that when she went into the office at 5:10 p.m. Sunday night, somebody broke our window on the truck while she was inside the office (all of 10 minutes). And they stole dogmom's winter coat. And they stole dogmom's purse. And they stole some Target bags with some last minute presents in them. But they left the cow ears and tee shirts that Tory gave us!

Anypaws, dogmom called the police and they were there by 5:30 p.m. She said she spent the next five hours calling the credit card companies and the bank and everything. Did we mention how much she hates being put on hold and how much she hates automated menus that don't work right? Well, she does.

Anypaws, she came to pick us up Monday morning instead of tomorrow. Not that we mind.

She says she really appreciates our neighbor Dan, for coming over with his shop vac and some plastic to vacuum all the glass out of the truck and to put the plastic on the window so we don't get as cold driving in the cold. (Did we mention it's 9 degrees outside?)

And, she appreciates Melissa and Spencer for inviting her to a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at their house since she couldn't go to Ohio. And for giving her some presents and letting her see their daughter Amelia open her presents.

And, she appreciates the efficiency of the credit card company and the bank for closing her accounts and fixing her up with new ones so fast. (Even though the perpetrators had charged more than $6000 in about an hour and a half... not counting any checks they might try to write with her checkbook.)

And, she's glad the license bureau and our bank branch was open on Christmas Eve morning so she could get a replacement license and a new money account opened.

And, she appreciates our landlord, Jimi, for coming to change the locks on the townhouse even though they're expecting a new baby any minute.

And, she appreciates Tory and Essex and Deacon and Joe and Tosca and Mojo and Tosca's mom and Buddha and his dogmom for all their moral support.

Dogmom says we should say our prayers for the people who did this... cuz they really need them.

Wuf Ya!


Fox's Mom said...

A bad thing happened to Dogmom, but she is turning it all around by asking us all to pray for the peoples that tried to steal her Christmas-she sounds like a great Dogmom!

Merry Christmas from Mozart, The Kitten Who Needs A Name, and our People!

Peanut said...

Oh my goodness what an exciting Christmas. It is great that Dogmom and you guys are surrounded by people who care so much about you. The people who did this definitely need to prayed for.
Merry Christmas you guys

THE ZOO said...

Merry Christmas.

Snowball said...

I am sorry to hear about all the trouble your dogmom has gotten into and hope that she is feeling ok.

Have a Merry Christmas to you guys and your dogmom too.


Gus and Louie said...

That was not a very nice thing to do on Christmas. You sure are lucky to have great friends that were there to help!! I am sure those people will get there just rewards!!
Have a great day.. Gus and Louie

Grammie said...

It is terrible that dogmom had such a bad day, but then you also got to see the real spirit of Christmas at work. All those people that came to your aid is overwhelming. We can be thankful that all of you are OK. All that other stuff can be replaced. (Even if it is a pain in backside to do it.)


Gommer, Opie and Dog Mom,
We will pray for them, so they become better people. Is it okay that we added they hope they get Opie's toe fungus to our prayer? We just think that would be fitting.

Woofs and Sniffs,

Essex & Deacon

Leslie said...

Gosh! So very sorry that happened. Not a nice thing for someone to do, to say the least.
I saw a thing a while back called "What's in Your Wallet?", and it's where you put all your wallet stuff on the copy machine, and copy it both sides, and then file the copy in the house somewhere, so that should this happen, you have copies of all the numbers on important things like library cards and dogtoyfoodstore discount numbers.
that will never happen to you guys again!! RRRWWWWooofff!!!