Friday, December 14, 2007

Dogmom's Going Back to the Doctor

Geesh, dogs. Next time she starts complaining that we spend too much time at the doctor, we gotta remind her about this whole arm thing she's milking to the hilt.

Anyways, the talking phone said that the MRI said that she has severe tendonitis in her shoulder and a partial tear in her rotator cuff. We think all that means is that she seems to have to throw the balls with the wrong hand and that she can't brush our teeth very well.

Oh, and she doesn't seem to be bringing the big green monster out of the closet every day. Please don't tell her!

Anyhow, when she left for work this morning and gave us our cookies, she said she would be home early but first she has to go and talk to the doctor. We didn't quite understand what she said. Something about the topeedic surgeon. I thought she did research, but I didn't know she did torpedoes. Anydog, she's hoping the topeedic surgeon says that she doesn't need a knife (she's got lots of them in the drawer, we know), but instead she'll just have to get some therapy.

We've known she's needed therapy for a long time. Silly humans. It takes them so long to figure stuff out.

Maybe she should go see Dr. Kate. When we go see Dr. Kate, it doesn't take her nearly this long to figure out what's wrong with us and fix it or give dogmom medicines that make us feel better.

Wuf Ya!



Torpedo surgery, that sounds kind of explosive. We would hate a torpeede because they tend to blow up all the time. We know you will take good care of Dog Mom. We wish her the best.

Cubby said...

Sedning boxer helaing vibes to your mom!

Snowball said...

I hope Dogmom gets better soon. Perhaps you should fix an appointment with your Dr Kate to see her.


Cubby said...

oK, apparently my typing skills were lacking. Sorry.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Good thing Dogmom doesn't need torpedo surgery. Those are awful. Mama knew a man she worked with that had that done, his shoulder had more pain after the surgery that never went away. He was so upset. Sometimes it's best to keep the knives in the drawers, hehehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

PerfectTosca said...

Holy Cannoli guys! We gotta get your dogmom feeling better faster than this! I mean she's a nice lady and I hate seeing her in pain. Do you think if I come visit and lick her arm and things it will help? Anyways you guys go easy on her ya hear???? I'm serious here!

TAPhillips said...

Hey cubby - sometimes our paws don't work right on the keyboard, either!

TAPhillips said...

Tosca - we've been trying to lick her arm but she doesn't seem to like it. She has been letting Opie lick her chin, which is a little odd...