Saturday, November 10, 2007

Buddha Gave Us An Award!

Buddha and his human ( gave us an award yesterday! First, we have to say we're sorry that we didn't get to look at any blogs yesterday, so we missed it at first. Second, we have to say that we're flattered. We like their blog, too!

We're gonna tag Key West Collies and Kerrio and Tosca for the "I like this blog" award.

Wuf Ya!



Aroo - Our first award, thank you Opie, Gomer and Dog Mom too. We did a piece on Veterans Day. Dad recalls it being referred to as Amistice Day. Our friend Charlie tipped a wisker before us, but Australia is around twelve hours ahead of us.

Kerrio said...

rdnsHey Opie & Gomer - thanks fo hte award - that's really sweet of you - I'v been completely pants at helping the dogs with the blog of late (as Tealeaf will tell you), but I'm trying to get back with the program.

We LOVE your blog :-)

Kerrio said...

(sorry - seem to be having eyboard problems!)