Monday, October 29, 2007

Anydog Wanna Kitty?

Ok, so we don't usually have cats involved with Dogs' Aye View, right?

Well, dogmom was pretty convincing, so we decided that today we would show you some kitties that need a home. See, dogmom's not a "cat person" usually... she's definitely what humans call a "dog person." Anyways, she likes these cats that are currently living at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington. That's where Dr. Kate (who fixes our teeth) and Dr. Hollee (who I saw for my yeastie-toes) and, well, where dogmom works sometimes.

Anypaws, these kitties live at the hospital. Not because they're sick, but because they don't have a forever home yet. So, if you're inclined to want or need a kittycat or if you know somebody that is, would you please show them our blog? Or, better yet, have them call Pet Crossing at 952-884-8248 and set up an appointment to meet one of these kitties and maybe take them home?

Here goes:

Princess – White w/brown tabby tail & markings (Age 7)
I’m Princess and yes, the name fits me. I’m a girly-girl; I know I’m beautiful and can be content to lay down and let you admire me. You won’t believe I’m seven years old when you see me – I’m healthy and happy, except that I’d rather be at home than living here at the hospital. I love to eat, so as my human you will need to help me to maintain my girlish figure by not over-indulging me with treats. I’m very much a cat person, but like some dogs, too. I’d love to meet your fur-family. Wouldn’t you like to meet me?

Bengal – Grey Maine Coon (Age 7)
Some people tell me I’m a seven-year-old Maine Coon with attitude. I like to be brushed, petted and have my ears scratched – but on my own terms, when I want, not necessarily when you do. I really don’t care for the hustle-and-bustle here at the hospital; I’d much rather be lounging around in a quiet home. I don’t mind some other cats – and the dogs that leave me alone are ok. If you’re looking for a quiet, low-maintenance, sort of guy, then I’m the cat for you.

Micky – Orange Tabby DMH (Age 7)
Yo! – I’m Micky! I’m a super- friendly, super- handsome dude who will be your own personal cuddle-bug and foot wrap on cold Minnesota winter nights. I sometimes hiss at other male cats here at the hospital, but that’s just because they are annoying sometimes. I prefer the company of humans. While my kitty condo here at the hospital is pretty swanky, I’d much prefer to choose a spot at your house. Ask to meet me and I’ll convince you to take me home. Go ahead, I dare you!

Heidi – Black & White DSH (Age 6)
I’ve had kind of a rough time of it in my short life, which makes me kind of shy at first. Show me you’re gentle and caring and I’ll show you my purr-fect side. I like other cats. I’m a little hesitant around dogs right now, but that’s just because one bit me recently and I needed some surgery and stitches. My meow is definitely worse than my bite, as I haven’t got any teeth. Won’t you take me home?

Don't forget - call Pet Crossing at 952-884-8248 and tell 'em Gomer & Opie sent ya to check out the kitties!

Wuf Ya!

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Happy Collieween guys. That must be the name because Tosca has it on her page too. Woofs & Sniffs