Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Do You Think?

So, I'm interested. Yeah, really, I am. See, Opie and me, we're really different. Yeah, we're like brothers and when we were young people always mixed us up cuz we looked a lot alike; and we're both pretty goofy and dopey; and we're the same size (sort of, cuz I'm a half-pound bigger); and we both eat the same food and live in the same house and walk together and share a toybox and ... well, you get the point.

But, I'm really interested. Cuz there's one way that we're really different. Well, there's more than one way, but I'm only going to talk about that one today, cuz it's relevant with the weather and all.

See, I am part beagle and part lab. But my fur is more lab-like than beagle-like. I have the longer hair and when it gets cold I grow more fur and then when it gets warmer all that extra fur falls out. (Freaked me out the first time it happened, let me tell ya and I ran around trying to save all that fur so dogmom could put it back on.)

Anyway, Opie has this really short, sleek dogfur coat. It's really pretty, ahem, I mean handsome. But when the weather gets colder like it did yesterday, Opie doesn't grow more fur. He just stands there and shivvvvvers. Like he can't get warm. He does it every year and really rushes to get back inside. In fact, last night, he actually slept UNDER his special dogbed in the room with the big comfy bed that dogmom uses. (I told you he is a weirdo!)

So, like I said, I'm interested. Do you think it's silly that a dog that weighs 50 pounds needs to wear a coat or a sweater when it's cold outside? Cuz it totally embarrasses me to be attached to the same leash and dogmom. But, if you don't think it's silly, then I'll accept it.

Wuf Ya!

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PerfectTosca said...

Lissen I can donate some extra fur to Opie if you want. We got no snow yet and I don't even know what snow is but I'm gonna find out! I know what leaves are though! I bark at all of them when they move!

But so anyways, if you guys need some extra fur come on over. There's a dog that lives near here and his mother dresses him all the time in raincoats and things and he looks really stupid. But then he's a really stupid dog anyhow, not like you two cool guys.