Friday, October 20, 2006

Milking It

Yeah, so I had surgery on my mouth. Well, not on my mouth so much as on my teeth. Well, I guess it was really both, since the top tooth that is missing had to be cut out and it feels like my jaw and nose are broken, but I'm not sure it is. And my bottom tooth that I had the root canal done on in May that broke again feels really good but it also feels a lot shorter than it was a few days ago. So what if I look like I have human teeth on my right side and canine teeth on my left side?

I'm awake now and all the drugs have worn off. Except for the ones that dogmom jams down my throat every morning. (Not really, I don't mind taking them, I just want her to think I hate takin' them.) I think one works on the pain, cuz after I take it my mouth feels better. Not sure what the other one is for. Oh well.

So, I have to wear this stupid basket on my face again. Seems like it's only when dogmom isn't home. I sure wish she'd stay home more, cuz this thing is ridiculous. Especially when you combine it with the fact that she locks me in jail when she's gone. What does she think I'm gonna do? Run around and bang my head against the wall? Ok, don't say it... that's probably what got me into this mess in the first place.

Anyway. Don't tell dogmom that I feel great. Cuz as long as she makes me wear this funky basket and stay in jail all day and looks at my mouth all the time and puts that cold-thing-wrapped-in-a-towel on my face and doesn't give me any rawhides or special treats -- well, the more I'm gonna act like my life is totally miserable. Got it?

Wuf Ya!

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