Friday, October 27, 2006

Threepeat on Stitches

Ok. So I licked my stitches open again. It doesn't bother me at all, really. But dogmom - you'd think I tore my ear off or grew an extra toe. Freakazoid. Always looking at my mouth and squirting water in it when I eat and then looking at my teeth again. Geesh. I didn't realize she had this thing for dog teeth.

Anyway, back in the truck without Opie. I heard him crying when we left even though dogmom said we'd be right back. He gets so upset when everything isn't exactly to plan.

So I go back to Pet Crossing to see Dr. Kate. I'm kind of remembering that things happen to me here... so I'm shaking with dogmom while we're waiting. But it wasn't so bad. Dr. Kate said that the stitches probably wouldn't hold anyways. And continue with the funny mask (darn it!) and the soft food and the medications and all that stuff. But, I'll probably have a scar -- which seems to bother the humans a lot more than it bothers me. I mean, having battle scars makes me the big dog at the bark park, right.

Opie and me, we run around in circles and jump on each other when I get back home. It's been like forever since I left. Dogmom said we were gone an hour, whatever that is.

Wuf Ya!

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