Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hostage Hound Returns Home

Whoa. I wasn't held hostage, Opie! I was being a model visitor and patient at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington. You know, where Dr. Kate works miracles on animal teeth. It was pretty uneventful most of the day. I played with the staff. I kept the cat company in Dr. Kate's office. No big deal. Kinda like the days I used to spend with Dr. Burke in Arizona. You know, when she helped me to not be such a scared puppy and all.

Anyway, eventually, I got poked in the arm and started feeling kinda funny. Like things weren't really real and I really wanted to just lay down and take a nap. Yeah, that's good. I'll take a nap. Oh, you want me on that table? Ok. Nighty night.

MAN, I could swear that somebody knocked out some of my teeth and broke my nose while I was sleeping. This isn't good. This isn't good at all. Everything smells funny and I want to sneeze. Dogmom and Dr. Kate are here. They're saying I'm a brave boy and everything's ok. I don't know. Usually, I can believe them. But this just isn't right. Uh-uh. I don't think so. Something's up. I keep seeing my paws moving, but the wall looks the same. I should be moving around and seeing something different as much as my paws and legs are moving. I just don't get it. Why isn't anything working like normal?

Now, I really really have to pee. They must have pumped me full of fluids or something. Trying to get to the door. My legs aren't working right. Everything feels kind of weird and disconnected. Man, I really have to pee. Ok Sharon. I really don't want that towel under my belly. Gotta get outside. Quit with the towel already and just open the door. Aaaaahhhhh... the pine tree. Much better. Whew.

Ok. Let's go, mom. Can we go home now? Hmmm... why aren't my legs working right? I think I'll sit down. Yeah. That's good. No, I don't want any food, Dr. Kate. Really, I just don't feel like eating it right now. Leave it and I'll eat some later. Maybe tomorrow. Everything feels funny and smells funny. Hmmm... well, maybe a bite wouldn't be so bad. No, I don't want any more. Well, okay, maybe just one more bite, but that's all. Um, well, maybe one more. Yeah, I'll eat that one too. What else you got? What? That's all? Geesh.

Where's Opie? I thought he would be in the car. But he's not. Oh well. So tired. Think I'll take a nap on the car ride. Yeah, a nap would be good. Aaaaahhhhchoooooo! Uh-oh. Mom's stopping the car. Light on. Here she goes with the towel in my face again. Yuck. It's not that I mind the taste of blood... it's just different when it's MY blood. Ok. We're driving again. Whew!

Oh. Hi Opie. I can't play now. Too tired. I'll race you up the stairs. I win. You can whine all you want. I'm not getting off the bed. Ok mom, I'll move over. Yeah, I can sleep on that red blanket. No problem. Nighty night.

I'm tired. More tomorrow...

Wuf Ya!


PerfectTosca said...

Jaysus buddy. She's got you lookin' like a small horse on a feedbag! There' s no end to what they do to us is there??? You should refuse to let her take pictures!...unless of course it gets lots of sympathy and presents. I'm all for exploitation!

Listen I wanna thank you guys for the invite to be a team member on your blog. Cool!

Do you know that Mom lets everybody post at my blog without approval, even if it's a ratty cat or something?? I mean an aardvark can post at my blog if he wants!

No pride at all I'm telling you.

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Yeah, we wish dogmom would let just anybody talk back to us. Something about her having to be more careful cuz the newspaper she works for tells people that they can read our blog and stuff. I don't get it. What happened to free speech? We're glad you're on our team! Wuf ya!

PerfectTosca said...

Wow a newspaper! I peed on those when I was younger. Listen, let me know if they want to interview a Perfect Collie. Maybe we dogs should have our own column. Yeah that's it! Our own column. It's about time we got recognition for all we do for humans. A roving reporter maybe. Roving Rover ya know? Dog on the street kinda thang.

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Hiya Tos! Opie and me do sorta have our own column. Well, our dogmom does. She writes once a month for the Southwest Saturday newspaper that comes out in Shakope, Jordan/Belle Plaine and Chaska (where we live). She usually gets her inspiration for the column from something we do... and then she expands on it from the human perspective. We like this better... cuz it's by dogs about dogs, ya know?