Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Uh-Oh! Where 'da Tooth Go?

So, I didn't get to see Dr. Kate last night, but my tooth is still broken and dogmom says we have to go for our surgery 6-month follow-up next month anyways, so we're going to go early and see Dr. Kate on Wednesday morning. I really tried to hide my broken tooth from dogmom. But she really pays attention to us and notices the littlest things... like extra toes and broken teeth and torn ears that are bleeding. I don't know how she does it, being just a human and all...

Anyway. I've had surgery on my teeth two times. Once with Dr. Visser in Arizona. He was really nice. I woke up on the table before he was done, but it didn't seem to freak him out at all. He finished and then I scammed dogmom into thinking I was still asleep a long time after I was really awake. Didn't fool Dr. Visser tho... he came in and I jumped up and ran down the hallway. That was fun!

So, the second time was with Dr. Kate here in Minnesota last May. I broke another tooth and had another root canal. So both of my canine teeth on the right side are really short. Mom says that doesn't make me less of a dog. But that's not all... I had to have one big tooth and one little tooth pulled out. My mouth was so sore. And I had to wear a funny basket muzzle to keep me from bumping my mouth on anything. I looked really goofy, didn't I?

Anyway, I'm not sure what's going to happen when I see Dr. Kate tomorrow. Mom emailed her some pictures of my tooth, but since I didn't sit still very well... (how would she like it if I stuck my paw in her mouth and tried to hold it open while I took a picture?)... the picture is kind of blurry.

Guess I'll report more later when I know more. Wish me luck and hope that I don't have to wear this funny mask again.

Wuf Ya!

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PerfectTosca said...

Holy Cannoli! And I thought I have been humiliated. That basket is from a whole nuther planet! I feel for ya man!