Monday, October 02, 2006

Doggie Palooza! (Part 1)

Ya know, we kinda have a routine that we follow with DogMom so that she doesn't forget simple things like feeding us and giving us treats and stuff. Most days, she gets dressed up in clothes we aren't supposed to jump on and goes somewhere and leaves us at home alone to rest. But some days, she doesn't get dressed up in clothes we can't jump on. On those days, we take more and longer walks or go to the bark park and she usually gets out the big green monster and we have to get drowned and embarrassed in order to get more hugs.

Anyway, this day was different. We got up and did the usual routine with our walk and our breakfast and all that. But DogMom said she wasn't going to give us our bath right away because we were going to go to the Doggie Party in the Park. Sometimes she said Doggie Palooza party. Anyway, she acted excited about it so we played along.

We got in the car and went a longer way than just to Dr. Kelso's or Dog Pad. Opie got nervous when the traffic was just sitting there for a while, but mom drove off that road and went on another one. Anyway, she kept talking about going to the doggie party and having fun and that we really had to behave or we couldn't stay at the doggie party. Yeah, right, like that would happen... we're always well-behaved. (Hmmm... well, not really... we usually forget our manners when we're out in public... and at home too, for that matter.)

Anyway, we got out of the truck and there were lots of smells that we didn't recognize. This was obviously a new place. Mom called it Wolfe Park... but I didn't see any wolves. I looked and looked and thought that maybe Shantell would be there. I haven't seen her in a long time. She was my wolf-hybrid bark park buddy in Arizona. I haven't seen her for a very long time. Anyway, she wasn't there that I could see.

But I digress... DogMom told us to sit while she filled out some forms and there were lots of people and dogs doing the same thing. We sat there being perfect dogs and then we kind of started to tug because the baby rat terriers came up behind us. They were very very tiny, but we were really good and gentle and didn't scare them. So we got treats. This was going to be a great day if that's all we had to do to get treats...

Mom got a big bag with stuff in it and a funny mark on her hand. And we walked across a little bridge and then WOW! There were all kinds of dogs and people and food and smells and ... oops... gotta run. I'll tell you more tomorrow!

Wuf Ya!

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