Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Doggie Palooza! (Part 2)

Hi - me again. Where was I? Oh yeah, I was tellin' ya about the doggie party in the park.

So, we go across the bridge and people are there to greet us and give DogMom more stuff. There was a hot dog cooker right there, but mom didn't stop and get us one. Instead, we started walking by these funny tents with people standing at tables. This was weird if you ask me, but then they started coming out from the tables and tents and giving us treats. Sometimes, mom would stop to write stuff down on the table. Other times, we just walked by.

Then, we turned the corner and I saw her! It was Dr. Kate! Yeah, I'm sure of it!. It was Dr. Kate and I was sooooooo excited I couldn't remember my manners and I jumped and jumped and danced and danced. I showed her my beautiful teeth (thanks to her!) and gave her hugs and kisses. Even Opie was glad to see her! Mom talked to her for a while about how good we are about letting her brush our teeth and stuff. I think she said we go in soon for our follow-up, whatever that is.

Anyway, we walked some more and saw Mr. Benda - you know, the guy who took our pictures even though Opie didn't behave and kept running away from the camera? Mom is still really glad we did that for some reason. She told some people that had their dogs with them that Jim is the best photographer and how he was sooo patient with us and our special needs. It made Mr. Benda laugh.

Then, at a couple of the tents we got more treats and mom got some stuff that she put in her bag. We saw an interesting area that was roped off and a sign that said "Canine Good Citizen." Mom said we should give it a try. Since there were two of us, Cassia held my leash and Opie went first. It makes me nervous when new people I don't know try to be nice to me. So I kept a close eye on where mom and Opie were going.

Opie likes getting all the attention. He sat when mom told him to. He looked at her and walked nice on the leash. He turned left when she said left and right when she said right. He stopped and sat and let people walk by. He walked around in circles with mom while other people walked by him and didn't bark at them or anything. Then, he sat and stayed while mom walked away and came back. And, he sat and stayed while she walked away again and then (SHOCKER!) came when she called him. Finally, he let some stranger hold his leash and mom told him to sit and stay. And then, she actually walked away from both of us! She walked to where we couldn't see her! But, she came back a few seconds later. And, Opie was really, really excited to see her. (Ok, ok, I was too!) Anyway, the guy said that was the only part of the test that he didn't really pass, cuz he got too excited too fast.

Opie -- a canine good citizen! Who'da thunk it?

By the way - I could have done all that stuff the right way, too. But, what was the point after Opie did? So, I flunked, which made mom really laugh out loud.

Wuf Ya!

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