Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How to Train Your DogMom

See, I don't know if you knew it before or not, but our DogMom is allergic to dogs. When we don't get drowned every week and we start to actually smell like dogs, our DogMom starts sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and sometimes she wheezes and puts a funny thing up to her mouth and takes a couple of deep breaths. (By the way, we hate it when that happens, because it means we're gonna get drowned again real soon.)

Anyway, because of this sneezing-allergy thing she has, Opie and me are NOT allowed on the furniture. We have our own special beds in DogMom's room. We have our own special beds in the big room with the grey box that talks in the cabinet. We have our own room... which we've already established is really just jail renamed.

Anyway, because of DogMom's insufficiencies in breathing on her own when we're just being dogs... we are under no circumstances supposed to be on the furniture. Not on the big comfortable bed. Not on the leather couch. Not on the cozy reading chair. (Which, by the way, is Opie's favorite when mom's not around.)

Ooops... secret's out... we've been caught.

So, if we both just lay here and stare at her and act like we're deaf... yeah, that's it, we can't hear her at all.

She's training really well. Either that, or she just gives up too easily.

Um. But we really didn't win completely. Shortly after she caught us with the little thing that flashes a bright light... we had to get drowned again. Oh well.

Wuf ya!


PerfectTosca said...

Oh yeah I know what you guys mean. I'm not allowed on the furniture either. Heh. Heh.

Geeze mom doesn't sneeze near me ever, maybe if she did, she would't be hounding me with Down! Sit! Stay! Fetch! Do this! No, Do THAT! all the time.

On the other paw, if she ever tries that grooming and bath thing with me again, it's gonna be like Yeah You And What Army????

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Oh, Toz... we feel your pain. Our advice: Just keep workin' at it. Our dogmom is really well trained now and hardly ever does the Sit! Stay! Down! thing at all. (Well, she usually wants us to sit before she opens the door for our walk. Somethin' about us dislocating two of her ribs a couple of months ago and Opie taking off for a three-hour tour. (see July 18 on our blog)...) And, we haven't broken her of the "Get it!" thang... but usually that involves treats and playing, so we don't mind so much.