Friday, October 13, 2006

Is it real or is it Ginger?

Not sure if you knew it or not, but we have some cousindogs that live in other states. Well, we have one cousindog that lives here in Minnesota, too; that's Izzy, who owns uncle Matt. Anyway, one of our cousindogs just had her portrait painted by her dogmom, Dawn. Dawn came to visit us last month, remember?

Anyway, Ginger said that her dogmom started not coming home early every night and told her that she was learning to paint. Ginger didn't get it, cuz her dogmom just painted practically the whole inside of the house and seemed to do a pretty decent job of it. Anyway, supposedly she needed painting lessons or something like that just for fun. Crazy humans.

This is kind of funny when you think of it, cuz auntie Dawn is really the analytical type. In fact, that's what they call her at work -- senior analyst -- even though she's by no means old enough to be called senior anything. Anyway, auntie Dawn sent us a picture of her painting. We think it's awesome and looks just like Ginger. What do you think?

Who knew that the humans we know possess so much talent? And a relative, to boot!

Wuf Ya!

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