Monday, October 30, 2006

Mask? What Mask?

So... I figured out how to rig it so that I don't have to wear that goofy mask all the time. While dogmom was gone on Saturday -- something about landscaping for Habitat, whatever that is -- I pulled the mask all the way forward so that it wasn't on my mouth any more. But, alas, that wasn't very comfortable when I tried to lay down for a nap. So, being the smart and resourceful street dog that I am (remember, I was found in a dumpster)... I chewed the leather straps on both sides of the mask until they fell away from the mask.

Nothing to tie it on anymore... so it's no longer a mask, right?

Dogmom just gave me "the look." You know the one... the one that makes you wish you could hide in the crate and have her not see you in there. Yeah, that one. I tried to tell her that Opie did it, but somehow she figured it out and said he didn't. Oh well.

I still win... I don't have to wear the mask!

Wuf Ya!

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