Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What About ME?

Ok. So I've had enough of all this attention that Gomer's gettin jus cuz he's got bad teeth and can't keep his tongue inside his mouth. It's supposed to be all about ME - Opie! (If you're questioning it, I have dibs cuz I said that in our blog on the second day, July 5. So there.)

DogMom tries to be fair, but being only human she doesn't quite get it right. She cuddles with me extra time in the evenings while she's reading. And, it seems like I get treats now and Gomer doesn't. And, we both have blankets up on the bed now.

BUT - she's been forgetting to give me my rawhide chew in the evening. And, it would obviously be better if Gomer didn't get to sleep on the bed. And, I see her making Gomer special food that has gravy on it rather than just the dry stuff. And Gomer seems to get two extra treats every day in the morning that she thinks she's foolin' me by saying, "Time to take your medicine, Gomer."

Obviously, she needs more training. Maybe I'll go live with Puppy Tosca ( for a while. At least she gets marrow bones. And, I could help her train her dogmom about the right way to do sit down stay come.

Wuf Ya - Opie!


PerfectTosca said...

Gomey gets GRAVY?????? Geeze Opie, you're really Screwed! I don't blame you if you wanna come here. But I warn ya, The Woman is just a little deranged here. I mean only a deranged Mom would have a blog where the dog talks just like a dog would talk. Oh wait a minute...your mom does that too. Ok, you'll fit in.

I got this huge crate because my deranged mom bought one big enough for a great dane. That's how stupid she is. Anyways, we can share! Plenty of room. I mean we could set up a four room apartment in this thing!

Opie said...

Uh-uh! No way I'm sharin a crate. My dogmom tried to do that with Gomie and me. Bought this huge thing and set it up and then expected us to share it. That didn't last long. Now we both have our own. But, being not too smart, she bought two huge condos instead of getting us each one that fit us. And she calls me the dope.

PerfectTosca said...

Ok yeesh, I was just being a good girl and wanting to share! I mean you said you want to come here. I only use my crate for my bones and things and if mom is cooking and I'm being a pest or stuff like that. I sleep on a padded sheepskin man. It's a cool one cause I drag it around to different spots all day. Anyways, just let me know your requirements. You know, your own room, your own entrance, TV, gravy, whatever. The woman will do it. She's a pushover.

Opie said...

Ok Tos - Now I'm DEFINITELY comin to stay at your house. Training our dogmom is just way to taxing.

PerfectTosca said...

Dear Gomer and Opie's Mom,

Tosca is lying. No TV. No private room. NOooooooo gravy!

Tosca's Mom