Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Surgery For Gomer

Ok. So, I told ya yesterday how dogmom found that I ripped out the stitches on my jaw and since it stopped bleeding I didn't think it was a big deal. Silly humans, though, act like the whole world is falling apart. I mean, geesh. The gash it left was only about an inch long and about a quarter inch wide. You'd think she saw the grand canyon in my mouth or something.

So, we went back to Pet Crossing. "Just so they can look at it," she kept saying. Yeah, right. Like I believed that. (Ok, I did believe it... but I'm gullible. I'm just a dog, after all.)

Anyway, Alicia checked us in. I hadn't met her before, but she's nice. And Dr. Nicole came in. She saw the grand canyon on my gums, too. And she wanted Dr. Kate to take a look. Yup, need to fix that. So far, I'm really happy cuz I'm getting all this attention.

Uh-oh. Somethings up. They're getting stuff ready on the table. No big deal... I wonder who's gonna get the mask this time. I'm just happy to be sitting over here by mom and watching and getting attention.

Wait. No way. They actually want to do something to ME! To my mouth. Geesh!

So, Dr. Nicole fixed the big hole in my jaw. I was so relaxed that I forgot to breathe for a while. Not too long, I didn't think. But, the way the humans were acting, it was a long time. Somebody pinched my toe really really hard. OUCH! I tried to yell and bark at them, but couldn't. They all clapped and acted excited. Dogmom said "Welcome back Gomer!" I just didn't get it, but I still couldn't move or anything. And, after a couple more stitches, they let me wake up.

But, alas, things didn't change. I have to wear that stupid mask and stay in my crate when dogmom is gone. And she stuffed more pills down my throat this morning. And the food she's giving me isn't crunchy, it's mush, really. And I haven't had a decent rawhide or chew bone or, for that matter, a Milk Bone, for six days now. Will it never end?

Wuf Ya!


PerfectTosca said...

Geeze Gomey! Don't be scarin yer mom like that! Dogs are supposed to BREATHE Gomey!!! Now I want you to remember that. Stuff like that really SCARES our moms acause they love us big time even if they are always making us sit stay down come!

I know you having big time problems with your teeth Gomey, but always remember you only got so many of them. Sooner or later they gonna stop messing with you. I just bet if you get this all straigtened out yer dogmom will give you any present you want! Think about it Gomey!


Opie said...

It's all about Gomer. Geesh dogs! What about ME? I'M the one that has to put up with the Gomer whining all day. I'M the one that doesn't get to play as much. I'M the one that gets left at home alone while Gomer tries to scare the beegeebees out of dogmom. I'M the one that ... well, you get the point. It's supposed to be all about me...

PerfectTosca said...

Opie, you can go to the vet with Gomey and ask them to yank out a coupla teeth and stick a pear picker on your face too!

Opie said...

C'mon Tos! I can't help it the dumpster dog got bad teeth and mine are perfect. Ok, except for the one that had the root canal cuz I broke it. Other than that, they're perfect. Ok, except for the ones that have little fractures in them cuz I chewed rocks when I was a little pup. Other than that, they're perfect. That, and all I can say is dogmom would have a pretty good exercise routine trying to get me to wear one of those baskets on my face.
Wuf ya - Dopey Opie