Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Where did Gomer and Opie Go?

Hi - Dogmom here. Something's up. There's literally nothing in my brain to post today since my boyz were well-behaved yesterday. No shredded paper. No unstuffed pillows. No tipped-over trinkets. No missing-food-on-top-of-the-refrigerator. No injuries. No barking fits. No messes. No challenges. No sickness.

Ok. So who took my dogs and replaced them with very exact-looking replicas that behave?

I know this is what I wished for... but now I'm bored.

Wuf Ya!


Anonymous said...

Halleeeluuueeeya! It's a miracle!

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

(snicker) I don't anticipate it will last long, though!

Hudson said...

Wow... doesn't seem possible!

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

I agree, Hudson. I'm wondering if maybe this is the next generation of the wobbly-headed collie replica? Very scary!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll come through tomorrow!