Monday, January 22, 2007

We're Exhausted!

*** Anybody who wants one of our "special" chew bones needs to email dogmom with your mailing address at First come, first shared... she'll send them to the first 10 dogs to respond! ***

Whew! We're so glad that dogmom went back to leaving the house again today... she said she's going to work, whatever that means. We're just glad that she won't be home today and we can finally get some rest!

Dogs, do your humans spend a couple days in a row just harassing the heck out of you? I mean, come on, we got this groove going most of the time. We get up... we stretch... we go outside for a walk and do our business... we eat... we wait for dogmom to get clean and dressed... we play with one of our toys... we get a cookie and she leaves... and we sleep. Dogmom comes home and we do it all again, except that we watch her cook and eat instead of get clean and dressed... and she stays... and we sleep.

Sometimes, we get into mischief... sometimes Randi comes to visit. But, basically, the list above summarizes our established this-is-the-good-life-to-do list.

Then, it happens. Dogmom messes everything up by staying around all day. She gets out the big green monster... she puts our dishes into a machine that hums for a while... and she moves her clothes from one machine to another and then puts them back in the closet. I mean... come on... how are we supposed to get our 19 hours of sleep in when she's around all day. Something interesting might happen, ya know?

Anyways... we're glad she's back to normal again today. Nap time...
Wuf Ya!

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