Friday, January 12, 2007

Day 3

I'm afraid. I'm very afraid.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen that MASH episode where the biggest practical joke of all is the one that never comes? I think the pups are messing with your heads!

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

I sure hope so, Cubby!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I will make sure that I visit your blog frequently, too. Its fun to know that there is another MN dog that likes to blog! Lillie

Anonymous said...

Well DogMom, I'd really like to help you, but I can't give away any doggie secrets, even though you too are a Minnesotan, but I am thinking if I were you I WOULD BE VERY AFRAID! On the other hand you know we have a big storm moving in and it could be the weather...hmmmmmm. Either way, good luck!

Your pal,

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Hi Lillie! Welcome!
Hi Roo! Glad we found some more Minnesota dog-bloggers!

The boyz are lovin' all the snow we got last night. Who'da thunk it? Arizona dogs loving the snow?

Wuf Ya - DogMom