Wednesday, January 03, 2007

DogPad, Company AND Randi!

Wow! We must be the bestest, luckiest, spoiledest dogs ever!

First, we get to spend all that time at Dog Pad -- playing with all the other dogs and with Tory and with Mike and with Aubrey. And running around outside all day and sleeping wherever we want at night and getting all smelly and dirty and everything. It's like totally the bestest place ever. (Well, except for dogmom's house, of course!)

And then, we got company! On New Year's Day, uncle Matt and cousin Kristin came over to visit.

You remember Uncle Matt... Izzy owns him... and they live in Plymouth, MN, where we lived with dogmom when we first moved to Minnesota in 2002. And, uncle Matt used to live in Cincinnati, where dogmom lived a long time ago and where auntie Dawn and Ginger live now.

And, well, Kristin we hadn't met before. But she seemed ok. She smelled like a cat. Her cat's name is Daphne. Kristin was really cool. She gave us special treats when she first came... goldfish crackers! And, she's not a cat snob... she likes dogs, too! Anyway, we like her a lot. I even did my "sit-down-by-the-couch-with-my-butt-next-to-it-and-bend-my-neck-all-backwards-and-look-at-her-upside-down" thing. I usually reserve that special trick for Jennifer (Victor and Gladys' mom)! Opie liked Kristin, too! We got all cuddly and snuggly on the sofa and watched a movie... My Big Fat Greek Wedding... we like that one cuz it makes dogmom laugh out loud!

Anyway, even after we went to Dog Pad... AND we got company... AND we watched the movie... RANDI CAME TO TAKE US FOR A WALK! Yep. While dogmom went to work, Randi showed up and took us for a walk. It seemed like forever since we saw her. We were really good on our walk and showed her how much we love the snow. Even Opie! Her dogs love the snow too!

It just doesn't get any better for a dog's life. Dogmom must really love us, don't you think?
Wuf Ya!

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