Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A New Kid in Town?

Yo, Dogs! This is freaky. There's a new kid in the neighborhood.
But he's really kinda weird. He just stands there. Outside. In the cold.
Doesn't say anything. Doesn't do anything.
Doesn't taunt us or tease us.
Doesn't ask dogmom if he can pet us.
Doesn't try to give us treats behind dogmom's back.
Or, for that matter, right in front of her.

Come to think of it... he doesn't smell either.

We don't get it. What's up with this kid?

Is it cuz we've been being really good boyz? Yeah, that must be it. Maybe we should go back to our old mischevious ways.

Wuf Ya!


Anonymous said...

He's kind of homely, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Just stroll up to him and raise your legs. If he doesn't say anything, fergettabowtit. He's dead.

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Yeah, we tried that. He just turned cowardly yellow and melted...